Enhance Your Customer Experience


Curated Original Art for Your Small Business

According to Ashford University, looking at art causes the human brain to feel an elevated sense of appreciation and quality. Featuring original art in your small business is more than just visually pleasing, it enhances your customers’ experience and makes them feel a deeper emotional connection to your space.


Aesthetically pleasing & good for business

Original artwork in your small business creates an upscale aesthetic, enhances your customers’ experience, and differentiates you from your competition. But the reality is that hiring art consultants is costly and trying to find pieces yourself and measure all your spaces is tedious and challenging, especially if interior design is not your forte. As someone who recognizes the value of both art and personalized shopping, I wanted to make original art more accessible to small businesses and therefore created this service.

Invest in your space

The depth, quality, and visual energy of original art enhances the look and feel of your business and customers take notice:

“I used to think my store-bought art looked pretty in my salon but now I see how much of a difference it makes to have true art. Sylvia put together a beautiful selection of her work that perfectly captured my salon’s vibe and colors and every single client notices them. I get compliments all the time and I think my clients really appreciate feeling like they’re getting service from a high end salon. Customers pick up on every little thing about your business and having real art made all the difference.”

-Annette Norwood, Owner of Posh Curls in Wheaton, IL


How it works

I personally come to your small business and discuss with you which open spaces would most benefit from artwork in order to create an aesthetically pleasing flow. I then take all necessary measurements. Then, after putting together a curated selection of my pieces that would complement and enhance your interior, I return to present you with those pieces and allow you to test various arrangements. Finally, all you have to do is choose your favorites!


The service as detailed above costs 75$. The prices of the individual paintings vary.

If you purchase two or more pieces of my curated selection, the service fee will be waived and the price of the paintings will be reduced by 20%.