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Colorful, Lively Florals

My love of floral painting snuck up on me. The first floral painting I ever did was of my daughter’s wedding bouquet! It was sitting in a vase the day after her wedding, and when I looked at it, I could just feel the joyful and poignant energy of the previous day. I was drawn to painting those flowers as a way to capture memories and high emotion rather than to create a realistic representation of the sunflowers and succulents she carried.

Now, painting flowers allows me to step back from the outside world and focus on a small bit of beauty right in front of me. I am pulled to look beyond a “pretty flower” and paint the emotions, energy, and impressions the flower evokes.

When you view my floral paintings, I hope that you will experience that wonderful tension between simplicity and complexity, beauty and mystery, peacefulness and excitement.

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