Artist Statement

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From Sylvia

My paintings allow me to experience freedom – from imitation, rules, and expectations. I love the spontaneity and surprise elements of the painting process. I often start by applying bold brushstrokes of black paint on the canvas. I then lay in blocks of color and delineate areas with marks and expressive lines. I know that nothing is permanent at this stage. I continually add and remove colors, lines, and shapes while creating visually interesting layers.

My compositions are designed for movement and energy; I want different shapes and colors to take the viewer’s eye around the image. I use a loose, painterly style and expressive brushwork to capture a feeling of vitality and aliveness. When I paint abstracts, I come fully into the present moment and allow the changing stream of experience to move through me. This is when I see most clearly how everything is constantly in flux, and I choose shapes, lines, and colors to express the truth of this awareness.

I hope my paintings remind you that this entire universe is made up of changing, moving energies and that you are part of that dance.