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Abstract Landscapes

The lakes, wetlands, and restored prairies that surround my Midwestern home offer continual inspiration for my abstract landscape paintings. The constantly changing weather causes the appearance and feel of any scene to shift within minutes. This continual change leads me to paint with a sense of urgency and quickness. Something catches my eye – the shapes of rocks or trees, a shadow or the play of light on a leaf or branch – and my first impulse is to want to capture exactly what I see.

As soon as I start painting though, that desire to capture “reality” fades. I realize over and over again that there is no such thing as a solid, static reality. So, I begin to have an internal conversation with the subject matter. I apply broad strokes of paint to the canvas and enter into a process of asking questions and seeking answers. Does this color or brushstroke capture the energy I experience? What do I need to add or subtract to convey my experience in the moment? What is asking to be expressed?

Through color choices, brushwork, lines and shapes, I am searching for the key that will unlock the true spirit or essence of the subject. When you view my paintings, I hope you will sense the energy of my process, as well as the energy of nature.